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We Repair Commercial Church Doors

Everyone needs an angel looking after them once in a while and here at CDMS we specialise in the repair of most types of high flow church doors, so when you need us the most we are here looking over you. We are a trusted and experienced church door repair company, Call today and let us repair your door the proper way!

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A recent church door repair.

Church Door Repairs

As a commercial door repair company specialising in floor springs, transom closers, and related components we play a vital role in ensuring the safety, security, and efficiency of churches. By offering assessment, repair, maintenance, security enhancements, energy efficiency improvements, and customisation services, we can help churches maintain their doors and entrances to better serve their congregations and communities. Investing in professional door repair and maintenance services is a wise choice for churches looking to create welcoming and secure spaces for worship and community gatherings.

Assessment and Inspection Services
Before embarking on any repair work, it is imperative to conduct a thorough assessment and inspection of the church's doors and related components. This process allows CDMS to identify existing issues and potential problems. Some key areas to assess include:

Door Hardware: Inspecting the condition of door handles, locks, hinges, and other hardware to ensure they function correctly and are secure.
Floor Springs and Transom Closers: Evaluating the performance of floor springs and transom closers, checking for signs of wear, lubrication issues, or damage.
Weather Stripping: Assessing the integrity of weather stripping to ensure airtight seals, which are essential for energy efficiency.
ADA Compliance: Verifying that doors and related components meet the UK with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for accessibility.
Security Features: Reviewing the security features of the doors, such as electronic access control systems, to ensure they are working correctly.

Repair and Maintenance Services
Once the assessment is complete, CDMS can provide a wide range of repair and maintenance services tailored to the specific needs of the church. These services may include:

Floor Spring and Transom Closer Repair: Repairing or replacing floor springs and transom closers that are malfunctioning, noisy, or leaking hydraulic fluid.
Lock and Hardware Replacement: Installing new locks, handles, and hinges if the existing ones are damaged or outdated.
Weather Stripping Replacement: Replacing wornut weather stripping to improve insulation and energy efficiency, especially in older church buildings.
ADA Upgrades: Upgrading doors and entrances to meet ADA compliance standards, ensuring that all members of the congregation can access the church easily.
Preventive Maintenance: Developing a preventive maintenance plan to extend the lifespan of doors and related components, reducing the likelihood of unexpected failures.

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We repair high flow church doors.

Security Enhancements
Churches often house valuable religious artifacts and equipment. Ensuring the security of these assets is paramount. Commercial door repair companies can offer security enhancements, including:

Access Control Systems: Installing or upgrading electronic access control systems to manage and restrict access to certain areas of the church.
Security Cameras: Integrating security cameras with the church's access control system to monitor entrances and deter unauthorized access.
Security Doors: Installing reinforced security doors at vulnerable entry points to protect the church from break-ins and vandalism.

Energy Efficiency Improvements
Many older churches struggle with energy efficiency, leading to high heating and cooling costs. CDMS can assist churches in improving energy efficiency by:

Installing Energy-Efficient Doors: Replacing old doors with energy-efficient models that provide better insulation and reduce heat loss.
Sealing Gaps: Identifying and sealing gaps around doors to prevent drafts and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.
Upgrading Weather Stripping: Installing high-quality weather stripping to create airtight seals, which helps regulate indoor temperatures.

Customization and Aesthetics
Churches often have unique architectural features and design elements that require special attention. CDMS can provide customized solutions to match the church's aesthetics while maintaining functionality and security.

Design Consultation: Collaborating with church leaders to select door designs, finishes, and hardware that complement the overall aesthetics of the building.
Custom Door Fabrication: Creating custom doors that incorporate religious symbols, stained glass, or other decorative elements.
Finish Options: Offering a variety of finish options to ensure the doors align with the church's interior and exterior design.

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