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Top Centre Repair

A commercial door top centre is a type of pivot hardware that is used to hang a door from the top of the frame rather than the bottom. It's also known as a top pivot or centre hung pivot. Same day quotes!

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What is a

Top Centre?

The top centre pivot is a vertical shaft that is attached to the door and rotates within a bearing located in the top of the frame. This allows the door to swing open and closed around a central point at the top of the frame, rather than from hinges attached to the side of the frame. This type of pivot hardware is often used for heavy commercial doors that require a smooth and stable operation.

Top centre pivots are an upgrade from a conventional hinge systems in a number of ways. They lessen pressure on the door frame and hinge by more evenly dispersing the weight. They also offer a more steady and regulated action, especially for larger and heavier doors. Additionally, top centre pivots can be hidden within the door and frame to give the appearance of being more streamlined.

Also top centre pivots require precise installation and adjustment to ensure proper operation. They must be properly aligned with the frame and adjusted to maintain a consistent gap between the door and the frame. Any misalignment or improper adjustment can cause the door to bind, scrape or sag, leading to excessive wear and tear on the hardware.

Top centre pivots are an important component of commercial door and particularly for heavy or high-traffic doors. Their unique design offers several advantages in terms of stability and appearance but requires proper installation and maintenance to keep your business flowing. Call us today and get a same day quote to fix your top centre pivot.

We offer a comprehensive repair service. Our team of qualified engineers provide a quality service helping to keep your business moving. We fix door top centres throughout Birmingham, Worcester, Hereford, Kidderminster and Malvern. Call today and get a same day quote.

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We replace top centres throughout Birmingham, Worcester, Hereford, Malvern, Ludlow and Kidderminster.

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