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Transom Door Closer

Our team of time served and qualified engineers have plenty of experience adjusting, repairing and replacing a range of transom door closers for retail and commercial customers. We offer same day quotes.

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What is a

Transom Door Closer?

A tool called a transom door closer is used to mechanically close doors with transom windows above them. Transom windows are tiny openings that are frequently found above doors and are intended to let in natural light while maintaining privacy. An essential part of any building's fire protection system, a door transom closure helps to stop the spread of smoke and fire in an emergency.

The overhead transom closer, which is mounted in the door frame above the transom window, is the most popular style of door transom closer. The door can close smoothly and silently thanks to this sort of closer, which is typically attached to the door by a pivot arm or a shoe plate. A spring-loaded mechanism included into the closer is intended to regulate the speed at which the door closes and guarantee that it locks firmly.

We can repair or replace transom closers
By preventing draughts from entering the building through the transom window, utilising a transom door closer contributes to energy cost savings. This is crucial in older buildings since their windows might not be as energy-efficient as more recent ones. The transom closer can assist in maintaining a cosy interior temperature and lowering the need for heating and cooling by keeping the door closed.

We offer a comprehensive door closer maintenance service, lubricating and adjusting including the repair of any part which drops below standard operating standards. Our team of time served and qualified engineers provide a quality service helping to keep your business moving. We fix transom closers for retail and business throughout Birmingham, Worcester, Hereford, Kidderminster and Malvern. Call today and get a same day quote.

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We typically repair transom door closers on aluminium shop doors.

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