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Top Centre Insert

A top centre insert is a part of the top centre pivot assembly in a retail door, and it is used to secure the pivot shaft of the door. It's also referred to as a top pivot insert or a centre hung pivot insert. We repair and can replace top centre inserts.

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What is a

Top Centre Insert?

If the top centre insert in your shop door has failed call us today and our skilled engineers can visit your premises and remedy your door issue fast, same day quote!

The top centre insert is typically a metal or plastic sleeve that is inserted into a hole drilled in the top of the door. The pivot shaft of the top centre pivot assembly is then inserted into the sleeve, allowing the door to pivot smoothly around the centre at the top of the frame. Same day quotes. The top centre insert serves several important functions in a top centre pivot assembly. Firstly, it helps to distribute the weight of the door more evenly, reducing stress on the pivot hardware and the door itself.

Secondly, it provides a secure and stable attachment point for the pivot shaft, ensuring smooth and controlled operation of the door. Finally, it can help to reduce noise and wear on the pivot assembly by providing a cushioned surface for the pivot shaft to rotate within.

Top centre inserts are available in a range of sizes and materials to suit different door sizes and weight capacities. They must be installed carefully and precisely to ensure proper alignment and smooth operation of the door. If a top centre insert is damaged or worn, it can cause binding or excessive wear on the pivot assembly and should be replaced as soon as possible during commercial door repair to maintain the functionality and safety of the door.

Our team of qualified engineers provide a quality service helping to keep your business moving. We replace door top centre inserts throughout Birmingham, Worcester, Hereford, Kidderminster and Malvern. Call today and get a same day quote.

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We replace top centre inserts throughout Birmingham, Worcester, Hereford, Malvern, Ludlow and Kidderminster.

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